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Program recrutare cadeti STARGATE

Program recrutare cadeti STARGATE

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Buna ziua tuturor.

Firma de crewing STARGATE cauta cadeti pentru nave tranport gaze, LNG.

Mesajul original, in limba engleza, il regasiti mai jos:

STARGATE Crewing is selecting and interviewing CADET Officers for NAKILAT operating the world's largest fleet of LNG vessels, most of them newly built and state-of-the-art and huge new buildings project. Very good wages and career perspective.

Mandatory requirements :

- V.G. English language knowledge
- V.G. evaluations on respectively navigation or engineering subjects
- 3rd or 4th year of Academy

Only the reliable candidates with good skills and meeting the above criteria will be considered.

Thank you and awaiting your good applications!
For more details please contact us: 0723355507 / Daniel 0799-766.111/ Eliza and 0723-118.433/ Catalina or